Momentum's Company Meeting took place last Friday, September 25 at Shula's Hotel in Miami Lakes. Hosted by Jason Alpert, the meeting was full of entertainment. Beginning the day with a video of a "Conference Call in Real Life" set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Employees laughed in our trivia and relay games, and cheered for our live "Hot or Not" fashion show.

Speakers included Mayte Fernandez, Managing Parter, and Peter Montadas, President. Their message was "It's about YOU"-all of Momentum's employees who's hard work and dedication truly shape Momentum. Guest speaker, Cris Kesl, spoke to employees on personal development and Momentum's new and improved organizational structure.

The meeting ended as Joe Lagomazini was honored for his 10 years of service with Momentum and the "Momentum Cool Cats" had a great performance rocking out with their Momentum sun glasses. 

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